Why choose us?

When choosing a CV or Resume Company, it is crucial that you choose a company that will brand you as an individual and makes you stand out from the hundreds of other candidates. 

A company with your best interest at heart wants you to succeed when applying for a position.

Chick my Resume is just that! We love branding our clients and putting them at the top of the CV stack when applying for a position.

Some of the other reason to choose Chick my Resume as your CV go-to company is:

  1. We provide a professional CV and resume services at an affordable price ranging between R250 and R500.
  2. We are great at making you stand out from the crowd and get hired faster.
  3. Chick my Resume has a wide range of services, including reference checking, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service.
  4. We are good at communicating to ensure you are completely satisfied with your newly created CV or Resume.
  5. Guarantees quick turnaround times so you can land your dream job as soon as possible.
  6. After using Chick my Resume the first time, all future updates are only R70 if your Chick my Resume branded CV is uploaded for edits.
  7. Should a position come past our platforms that suit your skills, knowledge, and requirements we will most certainly let you know so you can apply.
  8. We have been recognized in the Top 100 International Recruiting Agencies categories by Design Rush for 2022.
  9. We received an Award in 2022 for the Most Client Focussed Resume Company by the MAE (Middle East & Africa Awards).

We hope to see you soon using our services where you can brand yourself as an individual and give you the edge when applying for your next position.

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