FAQ Category: Resume & CV Templates

Why is there a footnote on my CV and can I remove it?

The footnote is placed on all our CVs as a standard to distinguish them from others because we offer reduced pricing for clients who have done their CVs through us in the past. Should you purchase the PDF and Word options, you are more than welcome to remove the footnote as required.

Can you translate my CV from Afrikaans to English?

Yes,, we can translate your CV from Afrikaans to English. We have a multi lingual team and have assisted many customers in the past with translations. To translate your CV from Afrikaans to English can be done at a cost of R150 per CV.

Can my CV be more than one or two pages?

Most definitely. Many CVs we do are up to four or five pages, depending on your work history and experience. We only display a one-page CV and Cover letter on the website as an example. If your CV is more than one page, we will use the same CV style and color you have chosen…
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My profile photo is in a different shape than the template I chose

In some instances, we will insert your profile photo in a different template frame to look aesthetically pleasing

My resume/cv/cover letter does not look exactly the same as the template

When we create a resume/cv/cover letter, we strive to create the final document as close to our original templates as possible. In some instances, we will adjust our templates to accommodate all the information in your document. This would include rearranging headings, image templates, or frame templates.

Will I receive a resume or CV?

We assess your current resume or CV and utilize your information to create a resume or CV, unless otherwise stated by you, via email or WhatsApp.

What is the difference between a resume and a cv?

A resume is a concise version, usually one or two pages of your personal details and work experience. A CV is a detailed version of your work history and work experience. A resume would be suitable for use when applying to various positions. A CV would be ideal for applying to a specific position, highlighting…
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I like a specific template, but I do not want a profile photo on it

That is not an issue at all. Please specify on your order form that you would like to omit a profile photo, and we will make sure to realign and create your resume or cv so that it looks aesthetically correct.

I want to add a graph or image to my resume or cv

We do not allow graphs or additional images on our templates, except for the profile photo you provided.

I see there is a footnote on my resume/cv/cover letter

Our footnote www.chickmyresume.co.za is featured on all our templates. The footnote will only be removed on request for our Professional and Modern Templates.