FAQ Category: Cover Letter Templates

My profile photo is in a different shape than the template I chose

In some instances, we will insert your profile photo in a different template frame to look aesthetically pleasing

I like a specific template, but I do not want a profile photo on it

That is not an issue at all. Please specify on your order form that you would like to omit a profile photo, and we will make sure to realign and create your resume or cv so that it looks aesthetically correct.

What do the generic cover letters cover?

We have the option of three generic cover letters. Our first cover letter is catered to introducing you to employers. Our second cover letter introduces you to Human Resources Managers, and our third cover letter option presents your job-seeking desires with already established connections you might have.

Will my own cover letter be rewritten?

Your own cover letter that you provide will be grammatically corrected. Where required, we will use our own professional discretion to add to your own cover letter to highlight your career strengths.