Reference Check Service

Did you know that a “bad” reference can be the cause of you not getting a job or new position? Once we leave a company, we rarely stay in contact with our references. Attitudes of a reference might change over time, or your references might no longer be contactable at a certain number.

Before you put references on your resume/cv and once a year, it is advisable to determine that they are reliable references.

By utilizing our reference check services, you can determine which of your references are ” good ” to keep on your resume/cv.

When utilizing our reference check services, our reference checkers will contact your references and ask them six relevant employer questions to conclude if it will benefit you to keep them as references.

We will ask your reference/s:

  1. Do you know (Your Name & Surname)?
  2. What position did (Your Name & Surname) hold within the company?
  3. What was the duration period of employment of (Your Name & Surname)
  4. Will you re-employ (Your Name & Surname)?
  5. When employed, can you give me three traits of (Your Name & Surname)?
  6. Do you mind being a reference to (Your Name & Surname)?

At the end of our reference check, our reference checker will rate your reference/s, allowing you to determine if they are indeed “good” references to keep on your resume/cv. You will receive a pdf compiled report of each of your references.

If you want to use this service, fill in the details below and the references you would like to have contacted. Once we receive your proof of payment at we will allocate you a reference checker.