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We have a proven track-record of getting clients noticed and hired with hundreds of satisfied clients, so let our resume experts transform the way you appear to recruiters and employers.

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If you require a new resume, a makeover, or a cover letter, we have you covered with award-winning designs that will get you noticed by employers and recruiters.


Out with the old, in with the new! Revamp your current Resume into a brand-new look that will get employers & recruiters take notice as well as improve your employment chances.


If you are starting out your career then there are no better company than three time award winning CMR to create your first Resume that will get you noticed by potential employers for employment or internships.


Our One-Pager Resume is specifically designed to assist Domestics, Cleaners and Gardeners showcase their skills to potential employers. One-Pagers are created in JPG for easy WhatsApp sharing. 

Gift an Opportunity

What better gift can you give to a friend, colleague, family member, partner or stranger than a opportunity for a Resume Revamp, New Resume, One-Pager or LinkedIn About Update with award winning CMR.


Client Reviews

Client reviews are the cornerstone of any successful business, and here at Chick my Resume, we take pride in delivering exceptional service to all of our clients. Our team of expert resume writers works tirelessly to craft compelling resumes that showcase your unique talents and experience, helping you land the job you deserve.

Wow , all I can say is great service received . Quick to respond to queries even though it was out of office hours. Would definitely recommend. – CMR Rating Service

Paul O

Absolutely loved working with the team – super friendly, efficient and helpful.
– CMR Rating Service

Kay-Lee B

Brilliant service, even after hours. Highly recommend them.
– CMR Rating Service

Adrian H

Great quick service, very professionally done. I would gladly recommnend their service. – Facebook

Johan D

Absolutely fantastic service. Very friendly and professional staff. I did 3 resumes’s for my family and they love it. I would definately recommend Chick my Resume. – Facebook

Nicole R

Wow! Fast, friendly and professional service. John went above and beyond to create the best resume. Thank you for your amazing service.

Hester D
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Our Awards

We take great pride in the recognition we have received for our hard work and dedication to providing outstanding resume services. Our awards are not just mere decorations or trophies that gather dust on a shelf. They represent the countless hours of research, writing, and editing that go into each and every one of our resumes. They symbolize the trust that our clients place in us to help them land their dream job. We don’t just settle for mediocrity; we strive for excellence in everything we do. So when you choose Chick my Resume, rest assured that you’re working with an award-winning team who is committed to helping you achieve your career goals.

Top Recruitment Support Company in South Africa

Most Client Focused Resume & CV Services

Best Resume & CV Services Provider of the Year

Job Seeking advice by Life Coach Raeesa Mahomed

A life coach is a person who helps people achieve their goals and live their dreams. They can do this in a variety of ways, including helping you to figure out what you want in life, setting goals and planning steps to get there, and providing emotional support along the way. There are many benefits to using a life coach, including:

1. Increased Career Success: A life coach can help you focus on your goals and make better decisions that will lead to career success.

2. Improved Mental Health: A life coach can help you manage stress and anxiety effectively so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

3. Better Quality of Life: A life coach can help you create positive habits that will improve your quality of life overall.

At Chick my Resume we want you to succeed and are in the process of listing the best life coaches in South Africa to guide you in your life and career.


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